Fundamentos de Bases de Datos RDF / Foundations of RDF Databases

Dept. AI, UPM, Madrid, January 2009.
Profesor / Lecturer: Claudio Gutierrez, Universidad de Chile,
Idioma / Language: English / Spanish The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a metadata W3C standard for describing information on the Web. The motivation behind the development of RDF was, to borrow the words Tim Berners-Lee used for the Semantic Web, "to have a common and minimal language to enable to map large quantities of existing data onto it so that the data can be analyzed in ways never dreamed of by its creators." To bring to reality this vision, the processing of RDF data at big scale must be viable. This challenge amounts essentially to develop the theory and practice of RDF databases. In this short course, we will present the current state of the theory of RDF databases, from the perspective of the work of our (Santiago, Chile) group. We will emphasize the presentation of open problems and possible lines of research.

This short course is targeted at graduate students interested in developments in Logic, Knowledge Representation and Databases (motivated undergraduate of the last years of the career are very welcome as well). The expected background of prospective students is databases and the basics of logic and KR. The course will consists of 6 lectures (1 1/2 hour each). The evaluation consists of a short test at the end of the course (or the system that students and the administration at UPM agree).
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