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List of all my blog posts

Gallery of Polylla figures!
During my Ph.D. I created several discretized figures using Polylla. Here is a gallery of some of them.
Poster of Polylla presented at the Tetrahedron VII International Conference in Barcelona, 9-11 Oct 2023
Poster of my research Polylla, presented at the international conference Tetrahedron VII: Seventh Workshop on Grid Generation for Numerical Computations
Implementing Half-edge data structure in C++
In this article, we will see how to implement the Half-Edge data structure in C++. I will show you how to read an OFF file of a triangular mesh, convert it to a Half-Edge data structure, and implement its basic and extended queries.
Compact mesh generation - SIAM IMR 23 presentation
Links to download my presentation showed at the SIAM IMR 2023 called Generation of polygonal meshes in compact space.