Modern Information Retrieval

the concepts and technology behind search

Book Chapters

Preface and Acknoledgments (Download)

1 Introduction (Download)

2 User Interfaces for Search (Download) (Marti Hearst)

3 Modeling

4 Retrieval Evaluation

5 Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion

6 Documents: Languages & Properties (with Gonzalo Navarro & Nivio Ziviani)

7 Queries: Languages & Properties (with Gonzalo Navarro)

8 Text Classification (with Marcos Gonçalves)

9 Indexing and Searching (with Gonzalo Navarro)

10 Parallel and Distributed IR (with Eric Brown)

11 Web Retrieval (Download) (with Yoelle Maarek)

12 Web Crawling (with Carlos Castillo)

13 Structured Text Retrieval (with Mounia Lalmas)

14 Multimedia Information Retrieval (Dulce Ponceleón & Malcolm Slaney)

15 Enterprise Search (Download) (David Hawking)

16 Library Systems (Edie Rasmussen)

17 Digital Libraries (Marcos Gonçalves)

A Open Source Search Engines (with Christian Middleton)

B Biographies

References (Download)