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I am Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science (DCC), Faculty of Engineering (campus Los Niches, Curicó), University of Talca. Recently I earned my PhD at the DCC, University of Chile. My thesis is entitled Graphs for Metric Space Searching. My former advisor is Gonzalo Navarro. My thesis' main results can be seen in my publication page.

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Not all in life are algorithms, I also have some pictures of my father's work (in spanish) and some quotations from my favorite books (most of them also in spanish).


Rodrigo Paredes
Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación
Universidad de Talca
Camino Los Niches Km. 1
Curicó - Chile

Teléfono: +56-75-2201704
Fax: +56-75-2201762
E-mail: raparede @ utalca . cl
Alternative e-mails: raparede @ dcc . uchile . cl, raparede @ gmail . com says I'm an Uber Cool High Nerd.  Click here to take the
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