Research Projects

  1. "BAVI: Bio-inspired Audio Visual Information Integration". Head of the project: Juan Carlos Gomez (Argentina). 2009-2010. Chilean coordinator: Nancy Hitschfeld, French coordinator: Bernard Girau
  2. BAVI

  3. "Plomo: Mutual software platform for the elaboration of soft tissues physical models". 2008-2009. Head of the project: Yohan Payan (Francia), Brasilean coordinator: Valentin Frederik, Chilean coordinator: Nancy Hitschfeld, Uruguayan coordinator: Gregory Randall
  4. PLOMO

  1. Fondecyt project Nº 1120495 -- "Improving the functionality and performance of meshing tools". 2012-2015. Granted by Conicyt. (Head of the project)
  2. Fondecyt project Nº 1120579. -- "Fast Computational Schemes for the Analysis of Morpho-Topological Data from High Throughput Microscopy". 2012-2015. (Co-researcher)
  3. Fondecyt project Nº 1090246. -- "Partial differential equations for 3D photon de-noising, optical flow and adjacent active surface models for high throughput in vivo spinning disk microscopy". 2009-2012. (Co-researcher)
  4. Fondecyt project Nº 1061227 -- "Mixed-element mesh generation for moving boundary applications". 2006-2009. Granted by Conicyt. (Head of the project)
  5. Fondecyt project Nº 1030672 -- "Mesh generation algorithms for complex applications". 2003-2006. Granted by Conicyt. (Head of the project)
  6. Fondecyt project Nº 1040713 -- "Lepp algorithms for parallel mesh refinement". 2004-2007. Granted by Conicyt. (Co-researcher)
  7. Fondecyt project Nº 1981033 -- "Longest-edge algorithms for the derefinement of unstructured triangulations". 1998-2000. Granted by Conicyt. (Co-researcher)
  8. Fondecyt project Nº 1960735 -- "Mesh generation for complex geometries using a set of well-shaped elements". 1996-1999. Granted by Conicyt. (Head of the project)

  1. PIA-CONICYT Anillo ACT-1122 -- "Testing nature's fundamental theories by new cosmological and astrophysical observations" Conicyt. 2012-2014 (Associate researcher)
  2. FONDEF Project D04-I-1237: "Computer Assisted Neurosurgery: cerebral soft-tissue biomechanical modeling and per-operative neuronavigation software development". 2010-2011 (Researcher)
  3. ECOS-CONICYT C06 E04 -- "Computer assisted Neuro-surgery: biomechanical modeling of brain soft tissues". 2007-2009. Head of the project: Yohan Payan (Francia), Chilean coordinator: Nancy Hitschfeld
  4. Magic-Feat project -- "Meshes and global integration for semiconductor front-end simulation". 2000-2001. Switzerland. European community support. (Invited researcher)