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Vinculos locales:
  • Guias de Bases de Datos, para los que busquen material para estudiar. (No entrego soluciones a los problemas sin resolver.)
  • MSc Thesis (pdf): mi tesis de Magister en Ciencias de la Computacion. (My MSc in Computer Science thesis.)
  • Memoria de titulo para optar al titulo de Ing Civil en Computacion.
  • NetObs: mi herramienta para visualizar redes. (My network visualization tool.)
  • Joint PDF Estimator: mi herramienta para obtener formulas para describir densidades de probabilidad en varias variables. (My tool for describing joint probability density functions in actual closed formaulas.)
  • Picarte's iteration: una mejora al algoritmo de Newton para obtener el inverso de un numero grande. (An improvement over Newton's method to obtain the inverse of a large number.)

My name is Mauricio Monsalve. I am currently doctoring in Computer Science at the University of Iowa, currently working on my dissertation. I am currently part of the Computational Epidemiology (compepi) group. (Computational epidemiology is described in this paper.) My advisor is Sriram Pemmaraju, whose specialties lie in approximated and distributed algorithms and in theoretical computer science. He is also part of the compepi group.

Background: I hold two MSc degrees in computer science, one awarded by The University of Iowa and the other awarded by La Universidad de Chile. I am a foreign student from Chile. My advisor in Chile was Claudio Gutierrez, whose specialties lie in discrete mathematics, databases, logic, the semantic Web, and the history of science.

Human-subjects certification: I have approved Citi Program's training in biomedical (IRB-01) and socio-behavioral (IRB-02) human subjects research.

Contact information My university email is mauricio [hyphen] monsalve [at] uiowa [dot] edu. My address at the university is 318 Maclean Hall, where 318 is the room in the building. My mailing address is: Mauricio Monsalve 14J Maclean Hall Iowa City, IA 52242 Latest publications

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