It allows

  • Define the variation points of the executing environment. Variation points are defined with a set of variables (V1, ..., Vn).
  • Specify the variation of the executing environment. Each variable may either be set to a fixed value, or may iterate over a range of values.

Our objective is to gain a better understanding of a software execution by relating different profiles obtained from slightly different conditions. Next step, do a profiler!!!

Rizel-Builder classes

  • RzBuilder
  • RzInput
  • RzResultSet
  • Vector

Sample Code

 |builder combs|
 builder := RzBuilder new.
 builder define:#input named:#x with: #(1 2).
 builder define:#input named:#y with: #(3 4).
 combs := OrderedCollection new.
 builder execute: [ :x :y |
   combs add: (OrderedCollection new add:x;add:y;yourself)].
 self assert: (combs first asArray = #(1 3)).
 self assert: (combs second asArray = #(1 4)).
 self assert: (combs third asArray = #(2 3)).
 self assert: (combs fourth asArray = #(2 4)).