The Rizel application is an open source software, 100% pure Pharo smalltalk application designed to monitor the global performance across different versions of a software.

Install instructions

Gofer new
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfRizel) perform: #load

What can I do with it?

The goal of this project is to help developers to detect and understand the reason of a slow or fast execution, caused by software evolution. Rizel will answer questions like: "How has the performance evolved over the time?", "Which software version is the cause of a drop of performance?", and "Why?"

What does it do?

Rizel features include:

  • An API to: (1) define the variation points of the executing environment, (2) specify the range of variation, (3) varying automatically these variables and get a profile for each variation
  • A performance profiler
  • An useful data structure to allow comparisons between profiles.
  • A set of visualizations where the performance degradation is unambiguously made explicit.