I moved to the University of Konstanz - Germany, where I hold a Post-doc position. My new personal page in this link.

I got a PhD in Computer Science in the Departament of Computer Science at the University of Chile under the advice of Dr. Benjamin Bustos. Also, I was a research assistant in PRISMA Research Group. I received the Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the Computing School at National University of Trujillo, PerĂº in 2005. I am a member of Computer Science Students Society - SECC.

Also, I spent two years as professor in Computing School at National University of Trujillo.

My research interests are:

  • Three-Dimensional Similarity Search
  • Geometry Processing
  • Computer Vision

You can also visit my profiles on Google Scholar and DBLP, and of course you are invited to see my blog (in spanish).

Full CV


  • Our paper "A fully hierarchical approach for finding correspondences in non-rigid shapes" was accepted in ICCV 2013.
  • Our paper " Key-components: Detection of salient regions on 3D meshes" was accepted for publication in The Visual Computer Journal.
  • The tutorial "Shape Matching for 3D Retrieval and Recognition" (presented in SIBGRAPI 2013) now is online.