cleap  0.3.2
A gpu-based library for handling and processing 3D meshes.
User Manual & API Documentation

Welcome to cleap's reference manual. In this place you will find the documentation of the functions, data structures and primitives implemented in the library. Additionally, we provide instructions on how to compile, link and run cleap with other programs.


cleap is a CUDA based library for handling and processing 3D meshes. It was created for the purpose of making our Computer Science research accesable and usable by other developers. We hope that in the future this library grows in functionalities.


Project Homepage.

API Reference.

Complete API Documentation of functions and the mesh data structure is available on the html doc (From the top menu, go to Files->File Members). Also, you can check the equivalent pdf manual "refman.pdf" from our projects site site .


Hardware requirements.


Manual install from binaries.

open a terminal and type:

~$ sudo dpkg -i <cleap_package_name>.deb

Install from sources.

Compile and link with cleap.

For example, if i download and install cleap-1.0.0 version, then i could create an application that uses and compiles with cleap:

g++ my_application.cpp -o app -I /usr/local/include/cleap-1.0.0 -L /usr/local/lib -lcleap

The same for a "C" only application:

gcc main.c -o app -I /usr/local/include/cleap-1.0.0 -L /usr/local/lib -lcleap

Example program.

You can download the following example program from .

#include <stdio.h>
#include <cleap.h>
int main(int argc, char* argv[]){
m = cleap_load_mesh(argv[1]); // pass the mesh as program argument
cleap_save_mesh(m, "");

Mesh is included in the files.


Copyright © 2011 Cristobal A. Navarro. This software is under the laws and terms of the GPL v3 License.