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International Conferences

  • S. Kreft, and B. Bustos.
    Rank-Mixer and Rank-Booster: Improving the Effectiveness of Retrieval Methods.
    In Proc. of the ICPR 2010 Contests. (to appear) pdfPDF bibBibtex.
  • S. Kreft, and G. Navarro.
    LZ77-like Compression with Fast Random Access.
    In Proc. 20th Data Compression Conference (DCC), pages 239-248, March 2010. pdfPDF bibBibtex.
  • C. Akgul, A. Axenopoulos, B. Bustos, M. Chaouch, P. Daras, H. Dutagaci, T. Furuya, A. Godil, S. Kreft, Z. Lian, T. Napoleón, A. Mademlis, R. Ohbuchi, P. Rosin, B. Sankur, T. Schreck, X. Sun, M. Tezuka, Y. Yemez, A. Verroust-Blondet, and M. Walter.
    Shrec 2009 - Generic Shape Retrieval Contest.
    In Proc. Eurographics 2009 Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval (3DOR 09), pages 61-68. Eurographics Association, 2009. pdfPDF bibBibtex.
  • N. Baloian, F. Claude, R. Konow, and S. Kreft.
    E-breaker: Flexible, distributed environment for collaborative authoring.
    In Proc. 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD), pages 173-178, April 2009. pdfPDF bibBibtex.


  • S. Kreft.
    Adaptación de algoritmos para indexamiento de espacios multimétricos.
    January 2009, Computer Engineering's thesis. Department of Computer Science, University of Chile. In spanish. pdfPDF bib Bibtex.

Local Conferences

  • S. Kreft and G. Navarro.
    Variantes de LZ77 y aplicaciones.
    In Proc. Encuentro de Tesistas, Jornadas Chilenas de la Computación, 2009. In CD-ROM, in Spanish. pdfPDF bibBibtex.