List of crypto (and related) conference papers of year 2012

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focs 2013

A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Lossy Population Recovery.Ankur Moitra  Michael Saks  [bibtex]
Common Information and Unique Disjointness.Gábor Braun  Sebastian Pokutta  [bibtex]
Klee's Measure Problem Made Easy.Timothy M. Chan  [bibtex]
Three-Player Entangled XOR Games Are NP-Hard to Approximate.Thomas Vidick  [bibtex]
Rational Protocol Design: Cryptography against Incentive-Driven Adversaries.Juan A. Garay  Jonathan Katz  Ueli Maurer  Björn Tackmann  Vassilis Zikas  [bibtex]
Arithmetic Circuits: A Chasm at Depth Three.Ankit Gupta 0001  Pritish Kamath  Neeraj Kayal  Ramprasad Saptharishi  [bibtex]
Extractors for a Constant Number of Independent Sources with Polylogarithmic Min-Entropy.Xin Li  [bibtex]
Constant Rate PCPs for Circuit-SAT with Sublinear Query Complexity.Eli Ben-Sasson  Yohay Kaplan  Swastik Kopparty  Or Meir  Henning Stichtenoth  [bibtex]
Chasing the K-Colorability Threshold.Amin Coja-Oghlan  Dan Vilenchik  [bibtex]
On Kinetic Delaunay Triangulations: A Near Quadratic Bound for Unit Speed Motions.Natan Rubin  [bibtex]
Approximate Constraint Satisfaction Requires Large LP Relaxations.Siu On Chan  James R. Lee  Prasad Raghavendra  David Steurer  [bibtex]
The Simple Economics of Approximately Optimal Auctions.Saeed Alaei  Hu Fu  Nima Haghpanah  Jason D. Hartline  [bibtex]
Optimal Bounds on Approximation of Submodular and XOS Functions by Juntas.Vitaly Feldman  Jan Vondrák  [bibtex]
Towards a Better Approximation for Sparsest Cut?Sanjeev Arora  Rong Ge  Ali Kemal Sinop  [bibtex]
Explicit Subspace Designs.Venkatesan Guruswami  Swastik Kopparty  [bibtex]
Interlacing Families I: Bipartite Ramanujan Graphs of All Degrees.Adam Marcus  Daniel A. Spielman  Nikhil Srivastava  [bibtex]
A Tight Bound for Set Disjointness in the Message-Passing Model.Mark Braverman  Faith Ellen  Rotem Oshman  Toniann Pitassi  Vinod Vaikuntanathan  [bibtex]
Fully Dynamic (1+ e)-Approximate Matchings.Manoj Gupta  Richard Peng  [bibtex]
Understanding Incentives: Mechanism Design Becomes Algorithm Design.Yang Cai  Constantinos Daskalakis  S. Matthew Weinberg  [bibtex]
How to Approximate a Set without Knowing Its Size in Advance.Rasmus Pagh  Gil Segev  Udi Wieder  [bibtex]
From Unprovability to Environmentally Friendly Protocols.Ran Canetti  Huijia Lin  Rafael Pass  [bibtex]
Approximation Schemes for Maximum Weight Independent Set of Rectangles.Anna Adamaszek  Andreas Wiese  [bibtex]
Learning Sums of Independent Integer Random Variables.Constantinos Daskalakis  Ilias Diakonikolas  Ryan O'Donnell  Rocco A. Servedio  Li-Yang Tan  [bibtex]
An O(c^k n) 5-Approximation Algorithm for Treewidth.Hans L. Bodlaender  Pål Grønås Drange  Markus S. Dregi  Fedor V. Fomin  Daniel Lokshtanov  Michal Pilipczuk  [bibtex]
Improved Approximation for 3-Dimensional Matching via Bounded Pathwidth Local Search.Marek Cygan  [bibtex]
Algebraic Algorithms for B-Matching, Shortest Undirected Paths, and F-Factors.Harold N. Gabow  Piotr Sankowski  [bibtex]
Fourier Sparsity, Spectral Norm, and the Log-Rank Conjecture.Hing Yin Tsang  Chung Hoi Wong  Ning Xie  Shengyu Zhang  [bibtex]
An LMP O(log n)-Approximation Algorithm for Node Weighted Prize Collecting Steiner Tree.Jochen Könemann  Sina Sadeghian Sadeghabad  Laura Sanità  [bibtex]
Online Node-Weighted Steiner Forest and Extensions via Disk Paintings.Mohammad Taghi Hajiaghayi  Vahid Liaghat  Debmalya Panigrahi  [bibtex]
Strong LTCs with Inverse Poly-Log Rate and Constant Soundness.Michael Viderman  [bibtex]
The Price of Stability for Undirected Broadcast Network Design with Fair Cost Allocation Is Constant.Vittorio Bilò  Michele Flammini  Luca Moscardelli  [bibtex]
Polar Codes: Speed of Polarization and Polynomial Gap to Capacity.Venkatesan Guruswami  Patrick Xia  [bibtex]
The Planar Directed K-Vertex-Disjoint Paths Problem Is Fixed-Parameter Tractable.Marek Cygan  Dániel Marx  Marcin Pilipczuk  Michal Pilipczuk  [bibtex]
An Improved Competitive Algorithm for Reordering Buffer Management.Noa Avigdor-Elgrabli  Yuval Rabani  [bibtex]
A Linear Time Approximation Scheme for Euclidean TSP.Yair Bartal  Lee-Ad Gottlieb  [bibtex]
Approximation Algorithms for Euler Genus and Related Problems.Chandra Chekuri  Anastasios Sidiropoulos  [bibtex]
Spatial Mixing and Approximation Algorithms for Graphs with Bounded Connective Constant.Alistair Sinclair  Piyush Srivastava  Yitong Yin  [bibtex]
Constant-Round Concurrent Zero Knowledge from P-Certificates.Kai-Min Chung  Huijia Lin  Rafael Pass  [bibtex]
Average Case Lower Bounds for Monotone Switching Networks.Yuval Filmus  Toniann Pitassi  Robert Robere  Stephen A. Cook  [bibtex]
Navigating Central Path with Electrical Flows: From Flows to Matchings, and Back.Aleksander Madry  [bibtex]
Independent Set, Induced Matching, and Pricing: Connections and Tight (Subexponential Time) Approximation Hardnesses.Parinya Chalermsook  Bundit Laekhanukit  Danupon Nanongkai  [bibtex]
Simple Tabulation, Fast Expanders, Double Tabulation, and High Independence.Mikkel Thorup  [bibtex]
Candidate Indistinguishability Obfuscation and Functional Encryption for all Circuits.Sanjam Garg  Craig Gentry  Shai Halevi  Mariana Raykova 0001  Amit Sahai  Brent Waters  [bibtex]
Quasipolynomial-Time Identity Testing of Non-commutative and Read-Once Oblivious Algebraic Branching Programs.Michael A. Forbes  Amir Shpilka  [bibtex]
On Clustering Induced Voronoi Diagrams.Danny Z. Chen  Ziyun Huang  Yangwei Liu  Jinhui Xu  [bibtex]
Approximating Minimization Diagrams and Generalized Proximity Search.Sariel Har-Peled  Nirman Kumar  [bibtex]
On the Communication Complexity of Sparse Set Disjointness and Exists-Equal Problems.Mert Saglam  Gábor Tardos  [bibtex]
The Complexity of Approximating Vertex Expansion.Anand Louis  Prasad Raghavendra  Santosh Vempala  [bibtex]
Adaptive Seeding in Social Networks.Lior Seeman  Yaron Singer  [bibtex]
The Parity of Directed Hamiltonian Cycles.Andreas Björklund  Thore Husfeldt  [bibtex]
Bandits with Knapsacks.Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru  Robert Kleinberg  Aleksandrs Slivkins  [bibtex]
Knowledge-Preserving Interactive Coding.Kai-Min Chung  Rafael Pass  Sidharth Telang  [bibtex]
A Forward-Backward Single-Source Shortest Paths Algorithm.David B. Wilson 0002  Uri Zwick  [bibtex]
Strong Backdoors to Bounded Treewidth SAT.Serge Gaspers  Stefan Szeider  [bibtex]
Estimating the Distance from Testable Affine-Invariant Properties.Hamed Hatami  Shachar Lovett  [bibtex]
Dynamic Approximate All-Pairs Shortest Paths: Breaking the O(mn) Barrier and Derandomization.Monika Henzinger  Sebastian Krinninger  Danupon Nanongkai  [bibtex]
Approximating Minimum-Cost k-Node Connected Subgraphs via Independence-Free Graphs.Joseph Cheriyan  László A. Végh  [bibtex]
PCPs via Low-Degree Long Code and Hardness for Constrained Hypergraph Coloring.Irit Dinur  Venkatesan Guruswami  [bibtex]
Layered Separators for Queue Layouts, 3D Graph Drawing and Nonrepetitive Coloring.Vida Dujmovic  Pat Morin  David R. Wood  [bibtex]
The Moser-Tardos Framework with Partial Resampling.David G. Harris  Aravind Srinivasan  [bibtex]
Improved Average-Case Lower Bounds for DeMorgan Formula Size.Ilan Komargodski  Ran Raz  Avishay Tal  [bibtex]
Coupled-Worlds Privacy: Exploiting Adversarial Uncertainty in Statistical Data Privacy.Raef Bassily  Adam Groce  Jonathan Katz  Adam Smith  [bibtex]
On Randomized Memoryless Algorithms for the Weighted K-Server Problem.Ashish Chiplunkar  Sundar Vishwanathan  [bibtex]
Iterative Row Sampling.Mu Li  Gary L. Miller  Richard Peng  [bibtex]
Direct Products in Communication Complexity.Mark Braverman  Anup Rao  Omri Weinstein  Amir Yehudayoff  [bibtex]
Quantum 3-SAT Is QMA1-Complete.David Gosset  Daniel Nagaj  [bibtex]
Non-positive Curvature and the Planar Embedding Conjecture.Anastasios Sidiropoulos  [bibtex]
Local Privacy and Statistical Minimax Rates.John C. Duchi  Michael I. Jordan  Martin J. Wainwright  [bibtex]
Faster Canonical Forms for Strongly Regular Graphs.László Babai  Xi Chen  Xiaorui Sun  Shang-Hua Teng  John Wilmes  [bibtex]
Element Distinctness, Frequency Moments, and Sliding Windows.Paul Beame  Raphaël Clifford  Widad Machmouchi  [bibtex]
Efficient Accelerated Coordinate Descent Methods and Faster Algorithms for Solving Linear Systems.Yin Tat Lee  Aaron Sidford  [bibtex]
Nondeterministic Direct Product Reductions and the Success Probability of SAT Solvers.Andrew Drucker  [bibtex]
A Satisfiability Algorithm for Sparse Depth Two Threshold Circuits.Russell Impagliazzo  Ramamohan Paturi  Stefan Schneider  [bibtex]
OSNAP: Faster Numerical Linear Algebra Algorithms via Sparser Subspace Embeddings.Jelani Nelson  Huy L. Nguyên  [bibtex]
Playing Non-linear Games with Linear Oracles.Dan Garber  Elad Hazan  [bibtex]
Simultaneous Resettability from One-Way Functions.Kai-Min Chung  Rafail Ostrovsky  Rafael Pass  Ivan Visconti  [bibtex]
Approximating Bin Packing within O(log OPT * Log Log OPT) Bins.Thomas Rothvoß  [bibtex]
All-or-Nothing Multicommodity Flow Problem with Bounded Fractionality in Planar Graphs.Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi  Yusuke Kobayashi  [bibtex]
Nearly Maximum Flows in Nearly Linear Time.Jonah Sherman  [bibtex]

stoc 2013

Quasipolynomial-time canonical form for steiner designs.László Babai  John Wilmes  [bibtex]
The complexity of finite-valued CSPs.Johan Thapper  Stanislav Zivny  [bibtex]
Approximation resistance from pairwise independent subgroups.Siu On Chan  [bibtex]
Coevolutionary opinion formation games.Kshipra Bhawalkar  Sreenivas Gollapudi  Kamesh Munagala  [bibtex]
On the complexity of trial and error.Xiaohui Bei  Ning Chen  Shengyu Zhang  [bibtex]
Classical hardness of learning with errors.Zvika Brakerski  Adeline Langlois  Chris Peikert  Oded Regev  Damien Stehlé  [bibtex]
Simplex partitioning via exponential clocks and the multiway cut problem.Niv Buchbinder  Joseph Naor  Roy Schwartz  [bibtex]
Low rank approximation and regression in input sparsity time.Kenneth L. Clarkson  David P. Woodruff  [bibtex]
The loss of serving in the dark.Yossi Azar  Ilan Reuven Cohen  Iftah Gamzu  [bibtex]
Non-black-box simulation from one-way functions and applications to resettable security.Kai-Min Chung  Rafael Pass  Karn Seth  [bibtex]
Differential privacy for the analyst via private equilibrium computation.Justin Hsu  Aaron Roth  Jonathan Ullman  [bibtex]
Some trade-off results for polynomial calculus: extended abstract.Chris Beck  Jakob Nordström  Bangsheng Tang  [bibtex]
New independent source extractors with exponential improvement.Xin Li  [bibtex]
Interactive channel capacity.Gillat Kol  Ran Raz  [bibtex]
The orbit problem in higher dimensions.Ventsislav Chonev  Joël Ouaknine  James Worrell  [bibtex]
Reusable garbled circuits and succinct functional encryption.Shafi Goldwasser  Yael Tauman Kalai  Raluca A. Popa  Vinod Vaikuntanathan  Nickolai Zeldovich  [bibtex]
Answering n{2+o(1)} counting queries with differential privacy is hard.Jonathan Ullman  [bibtex]
Tight bounds for online vector bin packing.Yossi Azar  Ilan Reuven Cohen  Seny Kamara  Bruce Shepherd  [bibtex]
Succinct sampling from discrete distributions.Karl Bringmann  Kasper Green Larsen  [bibtex]
Maintaining shortest paths under deletions in weighted directed graphs: [extended abstract].Aaron Bernstein  [bibtex]
A o(n) monotonicity tester for boolean functions over the hypercube.Deeparnab Chakrabarty  C. Seshadhri  [bibtex]
Beyond worst-case analysis in private singular vector computation.Moritz Hardt  Aaron Roth  [bibtex]
A node-capacitated okamura-seymour theorem.James R. Lee  Manor Mendel  Mohammad Moharrami  [bibtex]
The geometry of differential privacy: the sparse and approximate cases.Aleksandar Nikolov  Kunal Talwar  Li Zhang 0001  [bibtex]
Delegation for bounded space.Yael Tauman Kalai  Ran Raz  Ron D. Rothblum  [bibtex]
Approximating k-median via pseudo-approximation.Shi Li  Ola Svensson  [bibtex]
Testing subdivision-freeness: property testing meets structural graph theory.Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi  Yuichi Yoshida  [bibtex]
Multi-stage design for quasipolynomial-time isomorphism testing of steiner 2-systems.Xi Chen  Xiaorui Sun  Shang-Hua Teng  [bibtex]
Average-case lower bounds for formula size.Ilan Komargodski  Ran Raz  [bibtex]
Tatonnement beyond gross substitutes?: gradient descent to the rescue.Yun Kuen Cheung  Richard Cole  Nikhil R. Devanur  [bibtex]
A new family of locally correctable codes based on degree-lifted algebraic geometry codes.Eli Ben-Sasson  Ariel Gabizon  Yohay Kaplan  Swastik Kopparty  Shubhangi Saraf  [bibtex]
Lee-Yang theorems and the complexity of computing averages.Alistair Sinclair  Piyush Srivastava  [bibtex]
Inverting well conditioned matrices in quantum logspace.Amnon Ta-Shma  [bibtex]
Composable and efficient mechanisms.Vasilis Syrgkanis  Éva Tardos  [bibtex]
On the concrete efficiency of probabilistically-checkable proofs.Eli Ben-Sasson  Alessandro Chiesa  Daniel Genkin  Eran Tromer  [bibtex]
Fast approximation algorithms for the diameter and radius of sparse graphs.Liam Roditty  Virginia Vassilevska Williams  [bibtex]
Recursive composition and bootstrapping for SNARKS and proof-carrying data.Nir Bitansky  Ran Canetti  Alessandro Chiesa  Eran Tromer  [bibtex]
Witness encryption and its applications.Sanjam Garg  Craig Gentry  Amit Sahai  Brent Waters  [bibtex]
An information complexity approach to extended formulations.Mark Braverman  Ankur Moitra  [bibtex]
Optimal bounds for monotonicity and lipschitz testing over hypercubes and hypergrids.Deeparnab Chakrabarty  C. Seshadhri  [bibtex]
Non-black-box simulation in the fully concurrent setting.Vipul Goyal  [bibtex]
Simultaneous auctions are (almost) efficient.Michal Feldman  Hu Fu  Nick Gravin  Brendan Lucier  [bibtex]
Communication lower bounds using directional derivatives.Alexander A. Sherstov  [bibtex]
Byzantine agreement in polynomial expected time: [extended abstract].Valerie King  Jared Saia  [bibtex]
Low-distortion subspace embeddings in input-sparsity time and applications to robust linear regression.Xiangrui Meng  Michael W. Mahoney  [bibtex]
Max flows in O(nm) time, or better.James B. Orlin  [bibtex]
Solving large optimization problems using spectral graph theory.Gary L. Miller  [bibtex]
Fast hamiltonicity checking via bases of perfect matchings.Marek Cygan  Stefan Kratsch  Jesper Nederlof  [bibtex]
Explicit lower bounds via geometric complexity theory.Peter Bürgisser  Christian Ikenmeyer  [bibtex]
The complexity of non-monotone markets.Xi Chen  Dimitris Paparas  Mihalis Yannakakis  [bibtex]
Going after the k-SAT threshold.Amin Coja-Oghlan  Konstantinos Panagiotou  [bibtex]
Lower bounds for RAMs and quantifier elimination.Miklós Ajtai  [bibtex]
List decoding reed-solomon, algebraic-geometric, and gabidulin subcodes up to the singleton bound.Venkatesan Guruswami  Chaoping Xing  [bibtex]
On the list decodability of random linear codes with large error rates.Mary Wootters  [bibtex]
Low-rank matrix completion using alternating minimization.Prateek Jain 0002  Praneeth Netrapalli  Sujay Sanghavi  [bibtex]
Simple deterministic algorithms for fully dynamic maximal matching.Ofer Neiman  Shay Solomon  [bibtex]
Statistical algorithms and a lower bound for detecting planted cliques.Vitaly Feldman  Elena Grigorescu  Lev Reyzin  Santosh Vempala  Ying Xiao  [bibtex]
Bottom-k and priority sampling, set similarity and subset sums with minimal independence.Mikkel Thorup  [bibtex]
Polynomial-time perfect matchings in dense hypergraphs.Peter Keevash  Fiachra Knox  Richard Mycroft  [bibtex]
From information to exact communication.Mark Braverman  Ankit Garg  Denis Pankratov  Omri Weinstein  [bibtex]
Equivalence of deterministic one-counter automata is NL-complete.Stanislav Böhm  Stefan Göller  Petr Jancar  [bibtex]
A complete dichotomy rises from the capture of vanishing signatures: extended abstract.Jin-yi Cai  Heng Guo  Tyson Williams  [bibtex]
Optimal euclidean spanners: really short, thin and lanky.Michael Elkin  Shay Solomon  [bibtex]
New bounds for matching vector families.Abhishek Bhowmick  Zeev Dvir  Shachar Lovett  [bibtex]
The power of deferral: maintaining a constant-competitive steiner tree online.Albert Gu  Anupam Gupta  Amit Kumar 0001  [bibtex]
Stochastic combinatorial optimization via poisson approximation.Jian Li  Wen Yuan  [bibtex]
How robust are linear sketches to adaptive inputs?Moritz Hardt  David P. Woodruff  [bibtex]
Product-state approximations to quantum ground states.Fernando G. S. L. Brandão  Aram Wettroth Harrow  [bibtex]
Combinatorial walrasian equilibrium.Michal Feldman  Nick Gravin  Brendan Lucier  [bibtex]
Efficient rounding for the noncommutative grothendieck inequality.Assaf Naor  Oded Regev  Thomas Vidick  [bibtex]
Strong ETH holds for regular resolution.Christopher Beck  Russell Impagliazzo  [bibtex]
Majority is stablest: discrete and SoS.Anindya De  Elchanan Mossel  Joe Neeman  [bibtex]
On the impossibility of approximate obfuscation and applications to resettable cryptography.Nir Bitansky  Omer Paneth  [bibtex]
Every locally characterized affine-invariant property is testable.Arnab Bhattacharyya  Eldar Fischer  Hamed Hatami  Pooya Hatami  Shachar Lovett  [bibtex]
Structured recursive separator decompositions for planar graphs in linear time.Philip N. Klein  Shay Mozes  Christian Sommer  [bibtex]
Improved Cheeger's inequality: analysis of spectral partitioning algorithms through higher order spectral gap.Tsz Chiu Kwok  Lap Chi Lau  Yin Tat Lee  Shayan Oveis Gharan  Luca Trevisan  [bibtex]
Constraint satisfaction, packet routing, and the lovasz local lemma.David G. Harris  Aravind Srinivasan  [bibtex]
Sparsest cut on bounded treewidth graphs: algorithms and hardness results.Anupam Gupta  Kunal Talwar  David Witmer  [bibtex]
Fast routing table construction using small messages: extended abstract.Christoph Lenzen  Boaz Patt-Shamir  [bibtex]
Interactive proofs of proximity: delegating computation in sublinear time.Guy N. Rothblum  Salil P. Vadhan  Avi Wigderson  [bibtex]
Superlinear advantage for exact quantum algorithms.Andris Ambainis  [bibtex]
The approximate rank of a matrix and its algorithmic applications: approximate rank.Noga Alon  Troy Lee  Adi Shraibman  Santosh Vempala  [bibtex]
Shielding circuits with groups.Eric Miles  Emanuele Viola  [bibtex]
Quantum de finetti theorems under local measurements with applications.Fernando G. S. L. Brandão  Aram Wettroth Harrow  [bibtex]
Quasi-polynomial hitting-set for set-depth-Δ formulas.Manindra Agrawal  Chandan Saha  Nitin Saxena  [bibtex]
Prior-independent mechanisms for scheduling.Shuchi Chawla  Jason D. Hartline  David L. Malec  Balasubramanian Sivan  [bibtex]
Net and prune: a linear time algorithm for euclidean distance problems.Sariel Har-Peled  Benjamin Adam Raichel  [bibtex]
A simple, combinatorial algorithm for solving SDD systems in nearly-linear time.Jonathan A. Kelner  Lorenzo Orecchia  Aaron Sidford  Zeyuan Allen Zhu  [bibtex]
Extending continuous maps: polynomiality and undecidability.Martin Cadek  Marek Krcál  Jirí Matousek  Lukás Vokrínek  Uli Wagner  [bibtex]
Attribute-based encryption for circuits.Sergey Gorbunov  Vinod Vaikuntanathan  Hoeteck Wee  [bibtex]
A new approach to computing maximum flows using electrical flows.Yin Tat Lee  Satish Rao  Nikhil Srivastava  [bibtex]
Sparsity lower bounds for dimensionality reducing maps.Jelani Nelson  Huy L. Nguyên  [bibtex]
Random lattice triangulations: structure and algorithms.Pietro Caputo  Fabio Martinelli  Alistair Sinclair  Alexandre Stauffer  [bibtex]
Linear-time algorithms for max flow and multiple-source shortest paths in unit-weight planar graphs.David Eisenstat  Philip N. Klein  [bibtex]
Homomorphic fingerprints under misalignments: sketching edit and shift distances.Alexandr Andoni  Assaf Goldberger  Andrew McGregor  Ely Porat  [bibtex]
Approximation resistance on satisfiable instances for predicates with few accepting inputs.Sangxia Huang  [bibtex]
Multidimensional approximate agreement in Byzantine asynchronous systems.Hammurabi Mendes  Maurice Herlihy  [bibtex]
Natural proofs versus derandomization.Ryan Williams  [bibtex]
Large-treewidth graph decompositions and applications.Chandra Chekuri  Julia Chuzhoy  [bibtex]
A PRG for lipschitz functions of polynomials with applications to sparsest cut.Daniel M. Kane  Raghu Meka  [bibtex]