Where to Buy It

  1. Official UK CUP page, 40 pounds.
  2. Official US CUP page, US$ 60.
  3. Official Australia CUP page, AUD 140.
  4. Amazon UK page, 40 pounds, second-hand from 35.24 pounds.
  5. Amazon US page, US$ 60, second-hand from US$ 42.35. Some browsing of the book is possible.
  6. Amazon Canada page, CDN$ 84.
  7. Barnes & Noble, US$ 55, members US$ 52.25.
  8. WalMart, US$ 57.
  9. Quantum Books, US$ 54.
  10. PDX Books, US$ 50 and several pointers to other places.
  11. BookPool, US$ 45.50.
  12. AddALL, US$ 55 and links to other prices.

There are several other pages that compare prices, such as BookFinder, GetTextBooks, isbn.nu, DirectTextbook.

Finally, there are many smaller book sellers on the Web. Google for "Flexible Pattern Matching in Strings".

There is an online version of the book in Builder Books 24x7. You need to register first.

(Updated on Sep 3, 2004)