Reviews of the Book

  1. The Book Review Column by Frederick Green
    Review by László Kozma
    Available here.

    To appear in SIGACT News.

    "...The book is a real gem! My excitement while reading it was similar to what I felt when learning to program as a child, browsing the bit-level details in a technical manual of an obscure computer architecture. Even though data structures are my main research interest, much of the material was new to me. There is a remarkable attention to detail, pseudocode in the book is written very carefully, with all details explicitly given... In 540 pages, the book discusses a large number of data structuring questions, exploring various designs and tradeoffs, followed by relevant applications. The book is very well-organized, and its concept is compelling (once the reader gets the hang of it), the various results fit together and build upon each other. I imagine that seminars could easily be based on the book; it can also be useful for self-study and reference, even for practitioners..."

  2. Computing Reviews
    Review by R. M. Malyankar
    Available here.

    "... The explanations are clear and accessible, the content substantial and the information level high, the illustrations appropriate and informative, and the subject matter timely and increasingly relevant. This text will provide a good foundation in theory and practical issues, and should be a useful introduction to the field for students, researchers, and developers desiring a solid foundational text..."