Cristian Gutierrez (5-min homepage)

Hello, this is my 5-minute homepage. That's the time it took me to create it, while replacing facebook, twitter, linkedin, flicker and other stuff with static hand written HTML.

Update: ok, one more hour.

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About me

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I'm a software engineer based on Santiago. I moved from La Serena when I finished high school, then studied right here and now I'm working over here. I am married, have no children yet, enjoy photography and trying new restaurants, and I do some physical activity every now and then (to compensate for the 8-10 hours sit every day).


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No news yet.


Neo and Trinity discussing how to breach DFW security.
This is when God told me: "Hey, Cristian, I need you to build and ark and ... WILL YOU STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME!! WTF DUDE!".
Mount Golgotha was relocated to Santiago de Chile. Two crosses have been stolen so far.
Arriving to Angol. Lucky shot.
Ugly tree for sale (Angol).
A high security church in Angol.

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