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Picture of Alejandro Hevia I am assistant professor at the Dept. of Computer Science at the Facultad de Ciencias Fisicas y Matematicas of the Universidad de Chile. I've got my Ph.D. from the Dept. of Computer Science of the U. of California, San Diego (UCSD). Previously, I got an Engineering in Computer Science degree and a B.Sc. from the Dept. of Computer Science at the Universidad de Chile.

My main interests are in the following areas:

  • Cryptography: in particular, cryptographic protocols for distributed systems (voting, anonymity, p2p systems)
  • Computer and Network Security, including malware analysis and prevention.
I am also the Director of the CLCERT, a Chilean Computer and Emergency Response Team and Computer Security Research Group.

Contact Information:

Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación
Fac. de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas
Universidad de Chile
Blanco Encalada 2120, Tercer Piso
Santiago - Chile, 837-0459

Tel: (56) (2) 978-4365, o 978-4366. Fax: (56) (2) 689-5531
Email: (see email).


  • My publications.
  • Part of my work is supported by Conicyt via Fondecyt No. 107033.
Steering Committees:
  • Latincrypt: International Conference on Cryptology and Information Security in Latin America.
  • Proyecto Amparo.
Conferences and events I am or have been involved in: Current Students:
  • Ph.D. students: Philippe Camacho, (2007-13, accumulators and secure distributed data structures), Alonso Gonzalez (2011-, Multiparty Computation), Mario Jara (2013-, cryptographic obfuscation)
  • M.Sc. students: Mario Cornejo (2012-13, evoting)
  • Undergraduate students: Jorge Bahamondes (2012-13, mixnets), Eduardo Frias (2012-13, cryptanalysis).
Former Students:
  • Renata Faccilongo (2010-12, darknet visualization)
  • Rodrigo Porras (2010-11, practical evoting)
  • Mario Jara (2011-12, cryptographic obfuscation)
  • Alonso Gonzalez (2010-11, multiparty computation)
  • Francisca Moreno (2009-10, secure mobile p2p devices)
  • Patricio Seguel, (2008-10, librería de canales anónimos)
  • Fernando Krell (2008-09, distributed backup)
  • Sergio Miranda, (2008,evoting)
  • Pamela Cordero, (2007-08,evoting)
  • Francisco Echeverría (2007-08, flow-based distributed monitor).


Current courses: Past courses:

Current Assignments

Some Past Assignments

  • Administration: Member of the CS Dept.'s advisory board.
  • Administration: Outreach/Communications coordinator for the CS Dept. (2007-2009).
  • Served as Chilean representative for the IFIP TC11 Group (2007-2009).


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